“I’ve recently discovered this place, and it’s a hidden gem. The food is great and extremely affordable. Management is kind and helpful. I had the beef sandwich, and it was the best that I have ever had. The food is yummy! I ordered a TON of food and was surprised that the bill was so cheap. We have enjoyed everything we have gotten from there. Thank you!” 
— Tracy K. Thorntown IN

“I liked the Chicken Salad. It was made the way I like it. It had a lot of chicken, tomatoes and cucumbers. It was made perfect for me. The fries were amazing. They were so tasty. I can’t stop eating them !! The staff was so nice, informative and friendly. It is one of my favorite hot dog placed in the Chicago area. It is cool that is use to be a miniature golf course with the big mini ball in front and you can see the old course in back. I must get my Hot Dog fix at Luke’s at least once a month. Keep up all the good work.” 
–MK Vernon Hills IL

“They have the best hot dogs EVER! They also have the best fries EVER! The people are always really nice and the food has never been bad, it is ALWAYS perfect! I love Luke’s.” 
–Lee P. Mundelein IL

“Met here with a client on a whim and read the reviews here saying how good it is. Cynic that I am I put them off as hype. This place definitely deserves its reputation! The owner was behind the counter and was quite nice. I don’t know what they do to them but you really *do* have to try the french fries! I also had a char polish and told them to surprise me. They loaded it up with onions, pickle, tomato, hot pepper, and relish. Delicious! Finally, they have Barq’s red cream soda, which seems a bit rare and was tasty.” 

“Though I live in Wash DC area my mother lives in Mundelein. First stop on way to Mom’s is Luke for some Chicago Dogs and Italian Beef. There may be better places in the northern burbs but food is good.” 

“Nice size Italian beef, although at times the serving size can vary based on the cook. If you get fries from here, order only 1 bag, they give you enough for 10 + people!” 
–Brian S.

“The owners are always looking for new menu items and do a great job when they are added. The burgers are great, but the steak sandwich wins hands down. Everyone in the family has their favorites, but they always win over McDonalds. Small seating area for eating in, and outdoor seating in warm weather.” 
–Kim A.

“It doesn’t matter if you want a hot dog, a hamburger, Italian Beef, Gyros, etc. etc.! The food is great; the indoor dinning area is small but cozy, and the owners greet the customers like they are old friends or long lost relatives. The French fries are fantastic (we order them well done).” 

“GREAT FOOD! BEST VALUE IN THE AREA! The food is always of the finest ingredients and fresh! I don’t feel guilty eating here! NO GREASE! My family & I LOVE their INCREDIBLE ITALIAN BEEF! The meat is SO TENDER, great flavor, and the sandwich is huge! The Italian Beef sandwich is the BEST VALUE sandwich in ALL OF LAKE COUNTY! Tip: You can buy them in bulk from the catering menu for a party at home! What fun it is when customers talk together while they are waiting for their orders. The best conversations are when they say the Italian Beef sandwiches here at Luke’s in Mundelein are the BEST IN THE AREA, and specifically better than the local competition!! Order your sandwich HOW YOU WANT IT…ex: Dip it in the juice, extra juice on the side. Add whatever you want, cheese, sport peppers, green peppers, etc. Get your sandwich the way you like it, so TELL THEM WHEN YOU ORDER! Do you want a REAL CHICAGO HOT DOG, PROPERLY MADE? Get it here at Luke’s in Mundelein, FINALLY a place who can make a Chicago hot dog that looks like the pictures!! My family loves their burgers and I also love their Char Chicken Parmesan – the marinara sauce is great! Fries are excellent and huge portions. Don’t forget a CHOCOLATE SHAKE! OMG! We buy the 32oz. for $3.99 and share it! Mike uses quality ice cream! The milkshake is the next best item on the menu after the Italian Beef!! Owner Mike is a great guy who always makes you feel welcome! He is very service oriented paying close attention to each customer’s needs. Also I have been pleased with his employees, they treat you just like Mike does, paying strict attention as you make your order, As many times as my family has eaten here at Luke’s there have been no errors in our order. We also appreciate the friendly manner that makes us feel welcome! The place is extra clean. I am a stickler on clean & I would not go there if it wasn’t super clean. My family would love to see Mike do well and expand his location to a larger restaurant. We are GLAD to spend our money here because the food is always most excellent and the service is great. Mike has gift certificates available too. I bought a $50 one for my son. This way I know where he is eating and that he is eating food I would serve him in my own kitchen!”

–Deb N Mundelein IL